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The Air Defence Wiki is for all members to read and contribute to our history and events. It pools together all our knowledge to create an invaluable historical air defence resource. The term “The many are smarter than the few” is at the heart of wiki creation, as the content becomes the sum of knowledge of the people who worked on it. We therefore invite all air defenders, past and present, to give us your knowledge and adjust the accuracy of our content.


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Research Project

The following is a list of Anti-aircraft units that we wish to produce a brief history of and include on our website. If you are interested in participating in this project and researching one or more of these units, contact the AADAA Secretary at:

Anti-aircraft Units

1 Anti Aircraft Regiment RAA

1 Anti Aircraft Training Regiment RAA

1 Anti-Aircraft Search Light Battalion

1 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment RAA

1/54th Anti-Aircraft Company RAE

10 Anti Aircraft Battery RAA

101 Composite Anti Aircraft Regiment RAA

102 Composite Anti Aircraft Regiment RAA

109 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment

11 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

110 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment

111 Light Anti Aircraft Battery

111 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment

112 Light Anti Aircraft Battery

113 Light Anti Aircraft Battery

113 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

114 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

116 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

13 Anti Aircraft Battery RAA

133 Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery

14 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

149 Light Anti Aircraft Battery

16 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

162 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery

163 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery

172 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery

19 Anti Aircraft Battery RAA

19 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

2 Anti-Aircraft and Fortress Company

2 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment RAA

2/1 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

2/13 Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Composite)

2/17 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery

2/2 Anti-Aircraft Regiment

2/3 Anti Aircraft Regiment RAA

2/4 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

2/6 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

2/9 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery

22 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

225 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery

227 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery

228 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery

23 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

235 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery

26 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

3 Anti-Aircraft and Fortress Company

3 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

3 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment

31 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

32 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

34 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

35 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

37 Anti Aircraft Battery RAA

38 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

4 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

4 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment RAA

433 Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery RAA

458 Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery RAA

5 Anti Aircraft Battery RAA

51 Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Composite)

52 Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Composite)

52nd Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company RAE

53 Anti Aircraft Search Light Battery RAA

54 Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Composite)

55 Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Composite)

56 Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Composite)

6 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

60 Anti Aircraft Searchlight Company AWAS

61st Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company RAE

63rd Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company RAE

64th Anti-Aircraft Company RAE

64th Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company RAE

65th Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company RAE

66 Anti Aircraft Battery RAA

660 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery

68 Anti Aircraft Search Light Battery RAA

7 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

71 Anti Aircraft Search Light Battery RAA

73 Anti Aircraft Searchlight Battery RAA

73rd Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company RAE

78th Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company RAE

8 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

801 Anti Aircraft Coastal Artillery Battery RAA

83 Anti Aircraft Searchlight Battery RAA

Anti-Aircraft Battery Rabaul


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