Camouflage Uniforms

The new Australian Multicam Camouflage Uniform (AMCU) is an enhanced combat uniform for field and operational use.
The AMCU is the culmination of Army’s experience in combat operations, combined with extensive research and testing. It will gradually replace the Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform (DPCU) and Australian Multicam Pattern Operational Combat Uniform (AMP-OCU) as Army’s only camouflage uniform. The DPCU, AMP-OPU and Disruptive Pattern Desert Uniform (DPDU) have served our soldiers well domestically and on operations for many years. Our deployments in Afghanistan highlighted our need for a camouflage pattern that has utility across the broad range of terrain faced on a daily patrol, including desert, rocky, urban and grassland.

The Australian Multi-Camouflage Pattern is a new hybrid pattern and colour palette that combines pattern features of AMP-OCU with the colour palette used for the DPCU.

Improvements to the design of the uniform will enhance a soldier’s survivability and mobility, efficiently support a soldier’s workload and be functional for employment in a variety of terrains and operating environments.

The AMCU was officially launched at the Chief of Army’s Exercise in Brisbane on 22 September 2014.