The AADAA Committee

Mick Leckning – President

Mick Leckning enlisted in the Australian Army in 1974 and was allocated to Artillery. At the completion of a Gun Drill Course and selection as a Peer Gunner was posted to 111 Bty in April 1975 and employed in the Command Post. Over the next few years, Mick was promoted and commanded a Redeye Detachment. In 1979 Mick was posted to 110 AD Bty as a Rapier No 4 (2IC). In 1981 Mick was posted as an instructor at the School of Artillery and promoted to Sergeant and returned to the Regiment in 1983. In the same year he was selected for an exchange with the British Army in West Germany as part of Exercise Long Look. Mick spent his time there with 16 AD Regt Royal Artillery. 

In 1985 Mick was promoted and appointed as Troop Staff Sergeant of B Troop, 110 Bty. Mick was selected to attend the Gunnery Career Course at the School of Artillery in Larkhill, UK and promoted to WO2 in August 1986. Upon his completion Mick was attached to 12 AD Regt Royal Artillery in Dortmund, West Germany.

Back in Australia in 1987 Mick was posted as a SMIG in Air Defence Wing at the School of Artillery, Manly. Mick was appointed as SSMIG of Air Defence Wing in 1989, and Secretary of the Regimental Sergeant Mess. In January Mick was posted back to the Regiment and appointed BSM of 110 AD Bty.  At the conclusion of his tenure as BSM, Mick was promoted to WO1 and posted as RSM of 5 Training Group in Western Australia. Mick returned to 16 AD Regt as RSM in January 1995.

Mick was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day Honours in January 1997. He was posted to the Land Warfare Centre Detachment, in Townsville.

In January 1999 Mick was posted to Brisbane and appointed RSM of 7 Brigade. In the same year he was deployed to Bougainville as the Group Sergeant Major of the Peace Monitoring Group. Mick was posted to Land Warfare Centre in 2001, and discharged from the Army at the end of that year.

In civilian life, Mick worked at Brisbane Boys College at Toowong, Brisbane until his retirement in 2015. During that time, he also conducted Battle Field Tours on the Western Front in France and Belgium. Mick also organised a group and walked the Kokoda trail in 2013.

Mick is married to Ann, and has two sons. Mark is living in London, and Darryl is a current serving member of the Australian Army. Mick and Ann live now in Adelaide.

You can contact Mick by emailing


Barry Stewart – Vice President


Barry joined the Army at the age of 17 in 1969 and reached 16 LAA Regiment in 1971 after a short stint with 12 Medium Regt and 131 Div Loc Bty. He served on the Bofors and Redeye weapon systems and in 110 Bty Command Post eventually transferring to 111 Bty Q Store where he remained until discharging in 1981 having attained the rank of Sergeant. Whilst with the Regiment Barry was involved in the first Redeye firing at Nowra.

Barry considered the Army as his family and has been very pleased to be representing our Association at some 16 ALR events and getting back amongst the Regiment and its soldiers. Barry currently lives in Willaston SA just north of Adelaide and owns and runs two businesses.


Mike Streets – Secretary


Mike was born in Burnie, Tasmania and enlisted in the Regular Army in Nov 1979 at the age of 17. After initial training Mike was posted to 111 AD Bty (Lt) in June 1980 as a Redeye Missile Number. In 1981 Mike was reposted to A Tp 110 AD Bty as a Rapier Missile Number and later as Troop Commander’s Sig. Mike later moved back to 111 Bty CP Troop, and eventually became a Redeye Detachment Commander. Mike was a cadre staff member for the Battery’s conversion to RBS 70 in 1986. In 1988 Mike moved back to 110 Bty as a Rapier No 1, and later as Missile Resupply Sergeant. After a few years away from the Regiment, Mike returned as the Training WO and was the last BSM of HQ Bty and the first BSM of the newly formed Support Battery. Whilst with the Regiment, Mike acted as the Sergeants’ Mess Secretary.

Mike’s other postings included Platoon Sergeant at Kapooka, Development Wing at School or Arty (Manly), and LWC as an instructor on WONCO Wing. At SoA, Mike was the Sergeants’ Mess Treasurer and at LWC the Mess Secretary. Mike discharged in September 2000 after more than 20 years’ service.

You can contact Mike by emailing


Dave Spain – Treasurer


Dave was born in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia in 1953.  He joined the Army at the end of 1971 and was posted to 16 LAA Regiment on 3 July 1972 after spending some time at the School Of Artillery, North Head.  Dave was allocated to 111 Bty and participated with the Bty at the last Waitpinger/Parsons Beach live firing of the 40mm Bofors Guns.  In early 1973 he was chosen to fire the Redeye Missile at P&E, Port Wakefield, South Australia, thus becoming the first of Gunner rank to fire the missile. After spending six years at Woodside he was posted to 1 RTB Kapooka as a Section Commander. Two years later he was posted back to 16 AD Regiment.

davs-medalsAfter leaving the Regiment, Dave changed to clerical stream and served at: 16 FD Bty Launceston, CARO, HQ 5MD, 5 TRG GP, DSU Brisbane among other numerous attachments as support staff for training and clerical assistance. Dave discharged from the regular Army in 1993 as a WO2 and then served 2 years full time ARES service at 1 TRG GP Wacol.

Throughout his Military Career, Dave was involved with the Australian Army Rifle Association and competed in many Australian Army Skill at Arms Meetings.  His competition medals have been donated to 16 ALR, Woodside South Australia and they proudly hang on the wall of Club 16.

On retirement from the military, he went into business for himself and is currently involved with Maxivac Pty Ltd, and Maxivac Systems Pty Ltd.


Ric Taylor – Liaison Officer


Ric was born in Hindmarsh, South Australia in 1948, and enlisted into the Army as a National Serviceman in 1971. Recruit Training was completed at 2RTB Puckapunyal, and Corps Training was undertaken at 123 Training Battery, Holsworthy, where he trained on the 40MM Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun. Ric’s time at the Regiment saw him serve with 111 AD Bty and 110 Bty where he completed the 3/80 Rapier Conversion Course after which he was appointed acting Tp SGT CP Troop and held the Regimental appointment of PMC Club 16.

Ric’s other postings included: 1RTB Recruit Instructor, Chief Clerk Albury Transport Unit, Canungra Transport Unit Chief Clerk, and 3ARU as the Centre Commander at the Wagga Wagga, Dandenong, and Ringwood recruiting centres, and finally in 1991 to the position of WO Admin at the Army Command and Staff College at Queenscliff, VIC. Ric was discharged in December 1992 after 20 years of service.

Ric is appointed as the Associations Liaison Officer.

Colin Green – New Zealand Representative


Col was born in Brisbane, Queensland and enlisted in the Regular Army on the 6th June 1978 at the age of 18. After recruit training he was posted to the School of Artillery where he was selected to do the Air Defence course. After IET Col was posted to Signals Troop 111 Air Defence Bty (Lt) as a Sig operator and then to B Troop after 3 years as a BDR Sig . Col left the Army in Nov 1987 to move to Auckland New Zealand to marry his fiance who is a New Zealander. Col has lived in Auckland since late 1989.