AADAA Award for Excellence


Award Inscription

The AADAA Award for Excellence is the Associations most prestigious award and is presented the most outstanding junior leader (SNCO/Officer) serving at 16 Regiment.

The award is presented annually in recognition of exemplary performance over the preceding 12 months.

To be nominated for the award the member will have displayed a devout dedication to duty and dynamic leadership style, establishing themselves amongst their peers as an influential member of the unit and in keeping with the finest traditions of the RAA.

Sergeant Scott Chivers


Association treasure John Marquis with award recipient SGT Chivers

Lieutenant Talal Moutrage

Lieutenant James Keegan Smith

2011 Excellence Award recipient Lt Smith

2011 Excellence Award recipient Lt Smith

Lieutenant Owain Griffiths

Sergeant Thomas Shane

Lieutenant Brett Watson


LT Watson with AADAA President Dave Spain

LT Watson demonstrated superior performance as the on-line Troop Commander within 16th Air Land Regiment, throughout 2013 and 2014. His dedication to duty ensured the resurgence of the on-line RBS-70 capability and the transformation of A Troop of the 110th Air Defence Battery. His devotion towards the on-line Troop and its capabilities surpassed all previous standards, setting the benchmark for professionalism within the Air Land trade. His example and productivity ensured an enduring ethos of professionalism within the Troop. He consistently worked long and hard hours, taking on an enormous workload, yet he has also consistently achieved the finest of results, surpassing all expectations of a person of his rank or experience. His personal leadership, work ethic, intellect and technical excellence can simply be described as superior. Due to his personal leadership and example, the Troop has developed a combat culture which will ensure that it continues to provide an enduring high quality on-line capability.

LT Watson consistently set the highest of standards at PT and consistently applied attention to detail throughout his administration. His bearing and participation within the Officers Mess was befitting of an RAA Lieutenant, and his application to Mess tasks was unquestionable. He applied himself diligently in his extra-Regimental appointments, including his role in remediating Workplace Health and Safety. His performance on exercise and representative duties was consistently of the highest order. Throughout the past 12 months, his performance and application has been in keeping with the finest traditions of the RAA.

Sergeant Matthew Kelsey

SGT Kelsey is to be commended for his superior performance in the application of the Air Land Integration capability, all corps skills, knowledge and attitude.

He has consistently demonstrated a resilient and steadfast resolve in pursuing excellence in the field of Air Ground Operations. The support he has provided to ADF Exercises and the successful integration of Link 16 and other Battlefield Management Systems to enhance the Commanders situational awareness has been exceptional. SGT Kelsey’s tireless contribution and pursuit of excellence in developing the Air Ground Operations Battery has been exemplary.

SGT Kelsey’s commitment, dedication and dynamic approach to the Air Ground System has profoundly influenced and improved unit capability and is in keeping with the finest traditions of the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery.

Sergeant Bradley John Buik


AADAA President Dave Spain presenting the Excellence Award to SGT Buik

Sergeant Bradley Buik is awarded for his tireless and noteworthy performance as the Regimental Training Sergeant, specifically his exceptionally high level of technical mastery and practical application of the Giraffe Agile Multi-Beam Radar (GAMB) and Light Counter-Mortar Radar (LCMR) and their associated sub-systems. Sergeant Buik consistently sets high standards and demonstrates an impressive level of professionalism which has been instrumental in expanding the relationship between the 16th Air Land Regiment and the major LAND 19 Ph 7A project contributor, SAAB. Sergeant Buik’s experience, enthusiasm and effectiveness both in barracks and on exercises including HAMEL 16 and the Chief of Army’s Exercise has seen him provide sound technical SME advice that has been invaluable in enabling FORCOMD and AHQ to develop the infrastructure to support the introduction of the GAMB into 16th Air Land Regiment.

Sergeant Buik is a fine example of a SNCO within the 16th Air Land Regiment. His performance is in keeping with the finest traditions of the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery and the Australian Army.

Lieutenant Adam Other-Gee

AADAA President Mick Leckning OAM presenting the Excellence Award to LT Adam Other-Gee (Dec 2018)

Sergeant Lindsay Knott

AADAA President Mick Leckning OAM presenting the Excellence Award to SGT Knott (4 Dec 2019)