Our Albums and Galleries

The Association has online photo albums containing more than 1700 images. Our albums contain a number of photo galleries that generally focus on a specific topic or event. The images within our galleries have been kindly provided by our members, or sourced from public access websites. 

If you have any images that you would like to see included in our galleries, please contact the Association Secretary via email: secretary@aadaa.asn.au, or use the “Contact Us” feature on this website.

We are always looking for new and interesting images to be included so that all our members can enjoy viewing the history of Air Defence.

Commenting on Photos

All the images in our galleries allow for comments to be made. In order to make a comment on a photo, you MUST be logged into your Facebook account. When you comment you will automatically be identified through your Facebook profile and have the option to copy the comment to your own Facebook page.

Upload an Image

Images uploaded to the AADAA website may be shared by us (AADAA) on other websites or social media such as Facebook. By uploading your images you agree to the use of your image in this way.
  • Images should be less than 2Mb.
  • The caption is required and helps viewers know what the image is about. Be brief e.g. "Rapier Live Firing Nowra 1984". If you wish to provide further information complete the "Image Description" section.
  • Optional: If you wish to provide further information e.g. who are in the image. fill out this section with the detail you would like to be displayed with the image.

Air Defence Videos


We have some historical and recent footage on our You Tube channel.



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