The AN/TPQ-48 Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar (LCMR) is a man portable system, designed to detect, track and locate primarily mortars, with later versions able to also track rockets. It provides 360 degree surveillance using an electronically scanned antenna. It has two separate modes of operation; sense and warn and counter-fire.
As part of the Australian CRAM capability, the LCMR provides a dedicated sense function to allow the early detection of hostile IDF. This provides enhanced force protection to all personnel within its coverage, complimenting existing measures of protection.
When operating in counter-fire mode, the LCMR can provide extremely accurate Point of Origin (POO) data, allowing supporting strike elements to neutralise the threat.The LCMR is highly mobile throughout an Area of Operations, able to be carried in most in service vehicles and all fixed and rotary wing aircraft. An LCMR detachment is able to be in action in under 20 minutes and will provide a 24 hour, all weather capability.