The current structure of 16 ALR, RAA is:

  • 110th and 111th Air Land Batteries, which are responsible for:
    • defending land forces from enemy air attack using the RBS-70 short range missile system and the PSTAR-ER Radar
    • detecting and warning land forces of incoming artillery attack, as well as locating the point of origin of those attacks to enable joint effects on the enemy using the Giraffe Agile Multi Beam (GAMB) radar and Light-weight Counter Mortar Radar (LCMR).
  • 1st AGO Battery, which is responsible for the coordination and allocation of friendly air assets in support of the land force in the joint war fighting environment
  • Combat Service Support (CSS) Battery, which is responsible for the sustainment and maintenance of the Regiment both in the barracks and field environment, and includes logisticians, vehicle mechanics, and technical electricians.