AA/AD Colour Patches

History of Air Defence Colour Patches

cp1This was the initial colour patch allocated to Anti-Aircraft Artillery under AAO 541 in 1926. This design represents our historical ties with Field Artillery incorporating the traditional blue background with the distinct red apex band signifying an operational relationship to defence of the air.



cp5aThese colour patches issued in 1943 under GRO 0672, mark the first designation of heavy and light Anti-Aircraft Batteries. Anti-Aircraft searchlight batteries also shared a common link with Artillery displaying the blue background divided by a red lightning stripe diagonally crossing the colour patch.


cp3This colour patch was issued to Anti-Aircraft Regiments and Batteries under GRO 61 in 1945. It retains our traditional and historical ties to Field Artillery and carries the unique Air Defence Apex but differs from all previous colour patches with the blue triangle and red triangular background. 16th Air Defence Regiment was issued this colour patch in May 1995.