AA AD Memorial

AA / AD Memorial Woodside

The Anti-Aircraft and Air Defence Memorial is located at Woodside Barracks South Australia, the home of 16th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery.


AA AD Memorial Woodside SA

Following its conception, the Association was approached for assistance and subsequently became prominent in fund raising during 2008-2009. With thanks to the Australian Air Defence Artillery Association, its members, Department of Veteran Affairs, Royal Australian Artillery Funds, BAE System Australia, 16th Air Defence Regiment Officers Mess, Sergeants’ Mess and Club 16, the memorial became a reality and was constructed in November 2009.

The memorial is constructed in black marble in the familiar triangle shape of Air Defence Artillery, pointed skyward. The face is engraved with a white portrayal of 1st World War machine gunners defending their ground against air attack.aaad-memorial-plaque2

A plaque is inscribed with a salute to all Australian Anti-Aircraft and Air Defence personnel who have served in areas of conflict and those who have paid the supreme sacrifice for their country and mates.

It has been a great honour for the Association to be closely involved with this project from the start to finish and we look back with a feeling of both pride, but also sadness, reminded of those gunners before us who gave their lives far from home and away from their families, but a satisfaction that they now have their own place of remembrance at the home of Australian Air Defence Artillery.

Memorial Upgrade Project


The memorial in 2014

In 2014 it was identified that the memorial surrounds were in need of upgrading. The original project, when completed, did not integrate well with the landscape around the Memorial and over time the area had deteriorated to the extent that it was not considered suitable for the safe conduct of ceremonial activities.

In March of 2015, and after raising some funds and organising a suitable time with the Regiment to do the work, the AADAA began to improve the area immediately surrounding the memorial.



CO 16 ALR Bernie White and RSM Brendan Fox turning the first sod of soil


Members of 111 Bty doing the hard work


AADAA members, Barry Stewart, Ric Taylor and Chris (Budgie) Burgess


CO and RSM laying the first pavers


Ian Jeisman unperturbed by light or weather


Members of 111 Bty and Mike Streets in front of the completed work


The memorial serving the purpose for which is was built