Voice Chat Program

We have added a voice chat system called Ventrilo for Committee Meetings and Financial Association Members. You are quite welcome to use the facility which we have licenced for up to 10 persons at once. You will need a microphone/speakers and/or a headset.

To start you need to download the client program from:

Install the Program (read: )

Server Settings:

  • Hostname or IP: or
  • Port Number:       4339
  • Server Password:    airdefence

Please use your correct name for log on, ie: John Marquis, this helps to identify you to other users online and so we know no one else is connecting to the server who shouldn’t be there. This should not happen as it is a private server but you never know.

Once connected you need to go into “Setup” (from menu on right) and select your soundcard for “input” and “output” (microphone & speakers) Volume controls are also located here for output and input.

  • Also setup a press to talk key and enable outgoing voice communications. Place your mouse cursor in the press to talk box and setup which key you wish to use.

There are currently 4 rooms, the first is a lobby, “AADAA Ventrilo” and three other rooms “Committee Room”, “General Chat” and “Guests & Family”. Double click on a room to enter.

The committee room is for committee members only but the General Chat room can be used by all. If you would like to invite an outsider, friend or family member for a chat, a separate room is available in “Guests & Family” where you can chat in private.

Committee Members have priority for meetings so the program is designed to politely kick other members off if the quota of 10 users is full so don’t be offended if this occurs.

Enjoy, and if you have any questions, please ask.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”ventrilo-downloading-and-installing-1″]