16 Air land Regiment 50th Anniversary
Attendance Information

The purpose of this webpage is to provide you with the necessary information for you to attend the anniversary celebrations to be held at 16 Air Land Regiment (16 ALR), Woodside Barracks over the period 31 May – 2 Jun 2019.


The information is subject to change as preparations continue. You should visit this page regularly and review the Amendment Table below to ascertain if any details have changed.

#Date ChangedChange
1 18/3 Change to start time for the Regimental parade to 1130hrs
2 12/4 Addition of information on the Responsible Consumption of Alcohol
3 12/4Note added: The Regiment has asked that ladies do not wear high heels at the Parade and Birthday Celebrations, this is due to the terrain surrounding the event and that the Birthday Celebrations are being held in the gymnasium and high heels may damage the floor.
4 28/4Menu for the Happy Hour, Reunion and Birthday Breakfast added.


The AADAA President and Committee are pleased to be able to provide this unique opportunity to visit 16 ALR and join in the celebrations of this milestone 50th Anniversary. The Association has been planning this event for over 12 months and is working closely with 16 ALR to ensure its success. It will not only provide the opportunity to join 16 ALR in its birthday celebrations but will also enable many of us to catch-up with comrades we have not seen or spoken to in many years.

Woodside Barracks

Woodside Barracks is located on approximately 170 hectares of land, 25 kilometres east of Adelaide in the Adelaide Hills. The property was originally known as Woodside Camp and was used for the training of light horse and infantry. The property was expanded during World War II to accommodate up to four infantry battalions and was converted into a refugee camp in 1949 to house up to 3,000 people. Woodside Barracks is currently home to the 16th Air Land Regiment.

The Barracks is located at: Nairne Rd Woodside SA 5244


On Sunday the 2nd June 2019, 16 ALR will reach a milestone 50 years of service and will celebrate with a Regimental parade and birthday celebration. An invitation to attend the parade and festivities has been extended to all ex members of the Regiment and includes members who may have serviced in Air Defence units prior to the Regiments formation.

The Regiment has a long and proud history that has only been brought about by the devotion and professionalism of members that have served within it. These celebrations are intended to recognise the service of those members through a display of Regimental prowess followed by a birthday gathering.


The AADAA, in conjunction with 16 ALR, will collaboratively host, and administer a number of celebratory anniversary events that are intended to bring together new and old soldiers in the spirit of mateship and common bonds, and recognise the 50 years of service 16 ALR has provided to our country.


The Regimental parade and birthday celebration are the culminating events of the celebrations and are preceded by a number of other activities, which include:

  • 31 May (PM) – Happy Hour;
  • 1 Jun (PM) – AADAA Reunion Function;
  • 2 Jun (AM) – Birthday Breakfast; and
  • 2 Jun (AM) – 16 ALR Regimental Parade and Birthday Celebration.

Happy Hour

31 May 2019

1630hrs – 2230hrs

16 ALR Sgt’s Mess

Neat casual


AADAA Reunion Function

1 June 2019

1730hrs until late

16 ALR – Club 16

Neat casual

$60 per head

Birthday Breakfast

2 June 2019


16 ALR Sgt’s Mess (TBC)

Neat casual


Regimental Parade and Birthday Celebration

2 June 2019

1130hrs – 1700hrs

Regimental Parade Ground and Gymnasium

Coat and Tie with Medals


Note: The Regiment has asked that ladies do not wear high heels at the Parade and Birthday Celebrations, this is due to the terrain surrounding the event and that the Birthday Celebrations are being held in the gymnasium and high heels may damage the floor.


Friday 31 May – Happy HourBar Snacks
Saturday 1 June – ReunionPre-Dinner Hors D’ourves


  • Spit roasted beef and pork, served with a selection of vegetables and sauces.


  • A selection of the continental cakes
  • Tea and Coffee
Sunday 2 June – BreakfastA selection of traditional breakfast offerings cooked to perfection by AADAA volunteers who are well enough to get up after the night before. Consisting of:

  • Bacon and fried eggs with sausages
  • Fried Tomato
  • Tea/Coffee/Orange Juice

Saturday Activities

The planned Microbrewery tour has been cancelled due to cost. The Association will produce a brochure providing advice on places of interest in the Adelaide Hills that attendees can use to plan their own activities on Saturday 1 June.

Saturday Special Event



This is a personal presentation by Barry Stewart a former member of 16 ALR.

Barry takes us through his difficulty transitioning from being a soldier to a civilian, how he successfully overcame depression and in part using a foundation instilled in him as a soldier.

Come and listen and share Barry’s experiences told through a series of pictures, sometimes humorous and sometimes confronting, which may assist someone you know transitioning from military life or going through depression.

Free sausage sizzle followed by Barry’s presentation.

1 June 2019

TBC – around lunchtime

45 to 50 minutes. Barry promises you won’t be bored.

16 ALR – Club 16

Neat casual



Dress for most events is neat casual.

The Regimental Parade on the 2 June is a formal occasion, the Regiment will be parading in ceremonial dress, and it is therefore expected that spectators are also appropriately attired. The minimum dress standard for the Regimental Parade and Birthday Celebrations is Coat and Tie with Medals.



Registration is essential if you wish to attend. Security will not allow anybody onto the barracks unless they are on our attendance list. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

You can register at https://aadaa.com.au/anniversary-event/

You can see if you are already registered at: https://aadaa.com.au/events-50th-anniversary-whos-coming/

Everyone must be registered by the 17th May. Payment is also necessary by that date.

Cost and Payments

The cost of the AADAA Reunion event is $60 per head. At this stage all other events are free.

Payment must be made by 17th May 2019. Payment will not be accepted on the night.

Payment options are:

  • Pay the full amount via direct bank transfer to the Association’s bank account:
    • Acct Name: AADAA
    • BSB: 085180
    • Acc: 828503441
    • Please ensure you include your name in the payment reference.
  • Pay by instalments through our online shop. An instalment payment of $20 or more can be made at our online store. The minimum instalment payment is $20, and you can simply increase the quantity to make payments of more than $20.
  • If you prefer not to use either of the above methods, please contact the AADAA Secretary via email to discuss your options: secretary@aadaa.asn.au
  • When making any payments, please ensure you use the same contact details as those used in your initial registration.


Woodside Army Barracks is a Defence establishment and secured 24/7. Any entry onto the Barracks must be approved. All attendees to the events over the period 31 May – 2 Jun will be on a pre-approved list that will be checked by security upon entry. If you are not on that list, entry will be denied.

All attendees will be required to produce a photo ID at the security check point. Please ensure you have one available whenever entering the Barracks.

Responsible Consumption of Alcohol

The AADAA is committed to the responsible consumption of alcohol. Our Responsible consumption of Alcohol policy outlines the AADAA’s expectations of behaviour for all members and guests. By attending this event, you agree to abide by this policy and understand that any breaches or inappropriate behaviour that results from excessive consumption of alcohol will result in the AADAA taking disciplinary action.

The full policy can be read at: https://aadaa.com.au/policy-responsible-consumption-of-alcohol/

In brief, attendees are expected to:

  • Consume alcohol responsibly.
  • Do not arrive at an event under the influence of alcohol.
  • Do not bring alcohol to an event unless it explicitly advertised as BYO.
  • Do not consume alcohol if you are aged under 18.
  • Do not supply alcohol to intoxicated members or anyone aged under 18.
  • Do not encourage others to drink excessively or take part in activities that involve excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • Do not spike another member’s drink.

Taxis and Ubers

Taxis and Ubers will not be allowed on Barracks. Passengers will be dropped at the front gate and expected to walk to the event venue.


Attendees are expected to make their own accommodation arrangements. Some rudimentary accommodation will be available within the gymnasium on Barracks. This accommodation is spartan and consists of a military stretcher and basic bedding. Ablutions are available within the gymnasium complex.

A limited number of stretchers are available, and bookings are essential.

Anyone wishing to use the gymnasium complex MUST email the Association Secretary with the following details:

  • Name
  • Arrival Date/Time
  • Departure Date/Time

AADAA Secretary email: secretary@aadaa.asn.au, please put in the subject line: 16 ALR Accommodation.

Local Accommodation

There are many options for local accommodation in surrounding towns, the Hahndorf Manna has been recommended to us. You can find out more details at: https://themanna.com.au/


There are a number of carparks on Barracks that are close to where our various events will occur. Security at the front gate will provide you with some directions when you arrive.

Attendees who wish to leave their vehicles on barracks overnight are welcome to do so.


If you intend to arrive with a caravan, campervan or other self-accommodation, you MUST notify the AADAA Secretary so that arrangements for parking on Barracks can be made. We are currently attempting to organise generators for onsite power, however, this facility should not be relied upon.

Please notify the Secretary of the following:

  • Name
  • Arrival Date/Time
  • Vehicle Type
  • Departure Date

AADAA Secretary email: secretary@aadaa.asn.au, please put in the subject line: 16 ALR Accommodation.


Members wishing to take photos whilst on Barracks are permitted to do so, so long as they do not enter restricted areas.

Raffles and Auctions

There will be a number of raffles and auctions conducted over the period of the weekend, so please bring plenty of small change.


The Association will have a limited amount of stock on display and available for purchase during the Happy Hour on the 31st May. Payment can be made by cash or card.


If you own a business that would like to sponsor one of the events, please contact the AADAA Secretary to discuss the possibility.

AADAA Secretary email: secretary@aadaa.asn.au, please put in the subject line: 50th Anniversary Sponsorship.


The Association website will be the primary means to communicate new or changed information about the events. Please keep an eye on the Amendment Table at the top of this document. It will detail any additions or changes made to the events. Other key webpages are:

Attendees will receive an email detailing the registrations we have received and the total cost. Payment options will be included in that email.

The Association’s Facebook page will also provide an avenue to be kept informed about the event. Our Facebook page is at: https://www.facebook.com/AADAAI/