AADAA President Introduction

The AADAA President and Committee are pleased to again be able to provide this unique opportunity to visit 16 Regiment and join in the celebrations of this milestone 55th Anniversary. The Association has been planning this event for over 12 months and is working closely with the Regiment to ensure its success. It will not only provide the opportunity to join in its birthday celebrations but will also enable many of us to catch-up with comrades we have not seen or spoken to in many years.

Woodside Barracks

The Reunion will be held at Woodside Barracks which is located on approximately 170 hectares of land, 25 kilometres east of Adelaide in the Adelaide Hills. The property was originally known as Woodside Camp and was used for the training of light horse and infantry. The property was expanded during World War II to accommodate up to four infantry battalions and was converted into a refugee camp in 1949 to house up to 3,000 people. Woodside Barracks is currently home to 16 Regiment.

Unfortunately, this is the last reunion event that will be held in this location as the regiment is on notice to move.  Attending this reunion is likely to be your last chance to visit the barracks as a functioning Military base.

The Barracks is located at: Nairne Rd Woodside SA 5244

Reunion Activities

The AADAA, in conjunction with 16 Regiment will collaboratively host, and administer a number of celebratory anniversary events that are intended to bring together new and old soldiers in the spirit of mateship and common bonds, and recognise the 55 years of service 16 Regiment has provided to our country. The events include:

  • 31 May (doors open at 4.30pm – 22.00pm) – Happy Hour at 16 Regiment Sgt’s Mess.
    A selection of snacks will be provided.  Drinks will be available to purchase at Sgt’s Mess prices.

Dress Code:  Neat Casual for all events

Cost:  Free


Registration is essential if you wish to attend.  Security will not allow anybody onto the barracks unless they are on our attendance list.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.

You can register using the form on this page.  


Woodside Army Barracks is a Defence establishment and secured 24/7. Any entry onto the Barracks must be approved. All attendees to the events over the period 31 May – 1 Jun will be on a pre-approved list that will be checked by security upon entry. If you are not on that list, entry will be denied.


There is no accommodation on-site.  Caravans may be allowed on-site, however there is no power, water, or any amenities. They must be fully self-contained.

There will be a 21 seater bus for the night which will drop people off locally. A local ring route from Woodside, Hahndorf, Mt Barker etc will be established at scheduled times. The bus will not be available to pick up people from their accomodation.

55th Reunion Registration Form

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