Advertising opportunities are available for businesses who wish to reach our membership. Our members are primarily currently serving soldiers and ex-military type people who have interests in outdoor activities, travel, home improvement and family. Our website receives regular visits from our members who are therefore exposed to any advertising that is placed on the site.

Please see below for your opportunity to reach our AADAA members.

The AADAA does not rely on page impressions to calculate advertising costs, instead we charge a flat annual rate based on the size of the ad. Advertisers are at liberty to change the ad up to 6 times per year without additional charges.

All ads are to be provided in an appropriate format to upload to the advertising page, 72dpi and no larger than 800kb. Advertising rates are:

  • Small Square (100 x 100) = $40
  • Medium Square (200 x 200) = $160 (Free to members), this ad will also be included in a slideshow within the sidebar of the front page.
  • Large Square (300 x 300) = $250
  • Half Banner (300 x 100) = $160 (Free to members)
  • Half Page (650 x 325) = $500
  • Header Banner (650 x 100)  = $300
  • Side Banner (150 x 325) = $150

* Members can subtract the cost of the Half Banner ad from the cost of other options (except the small square)

Other sizes are available on request.

Contact the Association Secretary to find out more: