In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of 16 Air Land Regiment, the AADAA has produced a celebratory port. This port can be pre-ordered now and collected on the night of the Happy Hour or Reunion (1st or 2nd June).

This aged tawny port was produced by the Horndale Winery of Happy Valley in South Australia and is a blended and smooth textured port which has been aged in ex brandy oak hogsheads for eight years.

The label has been specially designed to commemorate 16 Regiment’s 50 years of service and has a brief history on the back.

This is a unique opportunity as there are only 60 bottles being produced and each bottle is individually numbered.

This port is only available to members attending the 50th anniversary celebrations at Woodside 1-2 June. If there is stock left after this event, we will make them publicly available. 


$40 – if you wish to reserve a bottle number

$30 – for a random number

To pre-order fill in the form below. If you wish to reserve a bottle number, refer to the table adjacent the order form for currently available numbers. Please note the available numbers are only updated daily, therefore its accuracy cannot be guaranteed at the time you place your order. Please indicate a number of bottle number preferences on the order form and we will attempt to give you one of those numbers.

Bottles 1, 16 and 50 are unavailable. Bottle 16 will be presented to 16 Regiment’s Commanding Officer on the night of the reunion and bottles 1 and 50 will be auctioned later in that evening.

Once your order is placed, we will confirm your number(s) via email.